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ATTENTION: This kit is compatible with AUTOMATIC models ONLY.

Flywheel assembly + new cover seal

  • Magneto flywheel

RMSTATOR offers a new flywheel with magnets for your Suzuki or your Arctic Cat. The flywheel can be used as a replacement to your original part

What is improved in our RM11502 flywheel?

The stock flywheels of the Suzuki Eiger 400 2002-2007 and Arctic Cat 400 2003-2008 ATVs have recurring problems. Additives in the engine oil dissolve the epoxy used to hold the magnets in place, causing them to loosen and disperse in the engine.


The problem encountered by owners of these ATVs is that no manufacturer wants to guarantee this part on such old vehicles. Faced with this situation, RMSTATOR has redesigned and improved the flywheel of these ATVs. The magnets are now sealed, which prevents them from coming loose. This new configuration fixes the problem for life. We offer a high quality part that permanently eliminates the problem for half the cost of the original part. The RM11502 flywheel is not an economical way to repair your ATV, but an investment when replaced before the original part breaks.

Please Note:

  1. All electrical components must be fitted by a qualified technician.
  2. Before fitting electrical components ensure the root cause of the original failure has been addressed.
  3. The absence of either of points 1 or 2 above, will void any warranty.